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Healthy Competition July 12, 2008

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Move studio where I take dance is having a contest…and I WANT TO WIN! hee hee hee

Basically the contest is this: They see how many classes you took in the past month. The person who increases their Move Studio class attendance the most in the next month (beginning July 14th) will win a FREE UNLIMITED MONTH PASS!!! Now that is what I call “healthy competition”! It is just the kick in the pants I needed to start going to 6 classes a week instead of 2 or 3.

For anyone who cares–here is the schedule I intend to keep at Move Studio:
(all are one hour classes)
Monday “Pilates Basics” at 9:00am
Tuesday “Cardio Latin” at 9:00am and “Dance Fusion” at 7:30pm (my favorite class)
Wednesday “Dance Fusion” at 6:00pm and “On the Ball” at 7:20pm
Thursday “Core & More” at 9:30am
and possibly Sunday “Pilates” at 12:40pm

So by my count, if I do just the six classes per week (and forget Sunday pilates), I would double my attendance. Even if I don’t win the contest, I will still win by having fun, losing inches, and gaining self-confidence. 🙂


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