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Attachment July 10, 2008

Filed under: Emotions,Peace,Solutions — miss3h @ 11:40 pm

The instructor of my “dance fusion” class yesterday (Renee) made such an interesting comment. She loves to dance, but she said yoga is the key to her success. It keeps her flexible and she said it has taught her to remain unattached to people, places, and things. I tend to think of yoga as “new age” but this is very inline with Christian thinking.

I think as people we do tend to worry a lot and get very attached to our loved ones and possessions. I think there is a level of attachment that is okay to God: love, caring, and wanting people in your life. However, when we allow a certain person, place, or possession to ruin our day, I think we are not pleasing God.

I’m thinking of taking a few of Renee’s yoga classes. It seems relaxing and I could use the lessons in flexibility as well as some stress relief.

Have y’all taken yoga? What did you think?


3 Responses to “Attachment”

  1. Jo Says:

    I have taken a lot of yoga over the years and I have to tell you that after your first class you will hurt in places you didn’t know that you had. Of course it depends on your teacher, but sometimes your praying that the clock will go faster and the she will please move on to another pose because if not your arms are going to collapse. It’s harder that you think it is, but it makes you feel really good. I go back every once in awhile because I like it, but I stop going because I can’t balance on my knees (because of the RA) and I get upset. I would love to go more. I used to go once a week when we lived in Grapevine.

  2. miss3h Says:

    So my manager at work today said he thought I was upset that they did not make me a manager under him. What word came to mind? Attachment. I am very glad I was not attached to being a manager because I make more as a server and have less responsibility. 🙂 I told him I was not married to the idea of being a manager.

    He says I am an over-achiever who expects everyone to be the same as me. LOL. He’s right. I’m trying to get it through my thick skull that I work in a restaurant and the majority of my co-workers just want to make a quick buck so they can go out and party.

    Here’s to letting go…although I am still not sure about yoga.

    I am gonna take Pilates for sure though. Wish me luck and send me your prayers. I can feel the pain already…

  3. I love yoga. I have gotten out of practice, but it is such a stress reliever for me. Yoga isn’t what I would call “new age.” Yoga is a very old practice. It comes from the Hindu religion and is a way that Hindus meditate on closeness to God. Modern yoga isn’t always so attached to religion, but it did originate as such and this may be why you see a connection to your Christian religious beliefs. If you study religions, they have similarities.
    I recently read Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I highly recommend it. When the author was in India she studied at an Ashram which is kind of like a yoga retreat/sanctuary. She really is good at depicting the connection yoga has in balancing one’s faith.

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