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The Lord Made Me Brunette July 6, 2008

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First, some background information. Many of you know, but since childhood, I have always had a strong urge to cut my own hair. And I did. And dye my own hair. Highlight my own hair. 95% of the time, it turns out great. People have no idea it is a “home job”. However…I fear today was my last “home job”. It is with sadness and a new-found outlook that I am giving up my habit of home-hair experimentation. I am going out with a bang though…

This evening, I decided I wanted to go blonde again. I have done this before, twice at home and once in salon. I kind of chickened out though, because the color I used before was no longer available. So I decided I would go lighter brown and highlight blonde over it. Since I am a true home-highlighting pro, I thought this to be a snap. Ha!

Let me begin with the first try of the evening. This box of $10 color was full of promise. It was to lighten my dark brown hair to a lighter brown with no “brassiness” or red tones. Perfect. I also bought the highlighting kit that I have used at least 20 times. No prob there. I go home and put on the light brown magic. I wait the 25 minutes. I check it. Hmmmm, seems nothing has happened. I wait 10 more minutes. I don’t want my hair to break off at the root, so I wash it out anyway. I figure after drying it will appear at least 2 shades lighter. Um, no. It looked like I washed and dried my hair with absolutely NO CHANGE. Seriously? No change? Believe it.

I go back to the store, very confused and a bit cynical at the boxes that had seemed so sure to save me that $100 in salon fees. I grudgingly pick another. This one assures me it is for brunettes only. Lightens hair 3 shades, again, no brassiness or red tones. At this point, I’m hoping for any change in tone, so what the heck. I apply the second box of color, and go read some reviews of hair colors online. Uh oh. I see one about the exact color I am now wearing on my head. It says, “No red tones? What a joke!” Hmmm, perhaps I should have read the reviews BEFORE now. Still, I am full of hope. Some of the reviews are good. I wait the 25 minutes. Wash, condition, dry, repeating the same process. This is no longer fun. I look at my head. OH NO. This is when it hits me. The good Lord made me a brunette and I should have just let it be.

My hair had indeed changed in tone. The roots were light brown on the extreme reddish side. The highlights that I had a few months ago and are now growing out…welll…..

Some of them were turned… GREY. What the HECK!?! Not only that. Towards the ends of my hair, it got darker and darker, some of the ends appeared black. This is not a good look and certainly not a salon look-alike.

I pony-tail it and go BACK to the store. Now I really, really wish I had listened to hubby and just waited to go to the salon on Tuesday. My stylist would have talked me out of blonde, but at least it would have been a color I could wear in public. I get yet another box of color. This time, just a medium brown shade to hopefully hide the hideous mop that is my hair. I am still hopeful it will turn out and I can highlight over it. All would be well with the world.

The end result is not bad…but I will be going to the salon on Tuesday to get my brunette glaze put over this medium brown on the very red side head of mine. The Lord made me brunette, but it can be a little shinier and I won’t have roots, right? Right. Plus if you can believe it, she charges less for the glaze than I spend on my 4 boxes of color. Way to save money, huh?

I am finally ready to just be me. I don’t need to work so hard to be a blonde or anything else that I’m not. Improving myself is one thing, changing myself constantly to fill a void or avoid being bored with myself is another.

P.S. My highlights are still a little grey/green if you look close. Here’s hoping I don’t scare anyone at work tomorrow. 🙂


3 Responses to “The Lord Made Me Brunette”

  1. Aura Mae Says:

    Thanks for coming over and giving my readers some additional insight! Feel free to share anything else that you think can help small salon owners better meet the needs of customers like you.

  2. Miss 3 H Says:

    Aura Mae:

    I think small salons need to use referrals more. The reason I have gone to the same salon for 6 years (even though I live in Dallas) is that when I refer people, they reward me. Free eyebrow wax, % of products, etc. It adds up to savings for me and more customers for them. They give me lots of their cards to hand out.

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