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Tips for Increasing Your Personal Happiness June 11, 2008

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Here are some tips I have come across for increasing personal happiness. Each will have a link to its parent article. Thank God for GOOGLE! 😉

Increasing Your Personal Happiness

–> Counting your blessings can increase your happiness by up to 25%!

“People who were in the gratitude condition felt fully 25% happier – they were more optimistic about the future, they felt better about their lives and they even did almost 1.5 hours more exercise a week than those in the hassles or events condition.” Click here to read more.

–> Use your talents to up your level of happiness.

“Take the time to list all those things you are good at. Think about your hobbies, your work, your relationships as well as your personality. All the good things that make up you are your talents. Try to use them everyday. If you keep a journal you could also reflect on how these talents contribute to the happiness of yourself and other people.

Think about how you could share your talents and knowledge with other people. Write a book, create a website, carry out volunteer work, display your work at a craft fair, talk to people.

Stop struggling to try and be someone that you are not.” Click here to read the entire article.

–> Help Me, Help You It’s not just a line from Jerry Maguire anymore! Helping others helps increase your happiness. Although it may be stressful, the end result of giving a thoughtful gift, or saving the day will make your heart soar! The article reads,

“Creating a balanced lifestyle that includes service to others can help you feel less stress as well, as you feel more connected to your spirit, more grateful for what you have, and less invested in the ‘rat race’ that causes stress for so many of us.” Click here to read more.

–> Improve your family life to increase happiness

“Families today suffer from way too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. This can erode the family unit and cause parents to be strangers to their children or children to live a fractured life from each other. It is the parents’ responsibility to reinforce the family unit and bring joy and happiness back into the home.” Click here to read more.

–> Spread The Word In my life, some of my happiest moments have been when a prayer for myself or others were answered. I would not consider myself to be a huge evangelist, but there are at least 3 people that I know of who were non-Christians when I met them. I prayed lots for these three and all three have now been saved. One was an atheist who is now studying to be a pastor! Spreading the word of God through practice, example, guidance, and prayer leads to happiness.

“Christians are happier than atheists and more generous, a new survey suggests.

Those with a spiritual orientation tend to have a greater sense of purpose in life, are more open to personal growth and have more optimism, according to Peter Kaldor, principal author of the Spirituality and Wellbeing in Australia report.” Click here to read more.

If you are not happy, overall feeling more depressed than uplifted, pray about it. Look deep within yourself and ask yourself, “What would God want for my life? What would make me feel true joy?” Then seek a solution. Everyone will have some sadness, times of trouble, and trying times. However, we can choose an attitude of gratitude, put the focus on helping others, improve our home lives, and use our talents to bloom and blossom into happier people. I sincerely hope you seek happiness actively starting today.


2 Responses to “Tips for Increasing Your Personal Happiness”

  1. Pink Bren Says:

    This is good. We need to find something to be grateful for even it is is just getting out of the bed. Thank the Lord for it. Or if you have kids give thanks that they Lord Blessed you with them because yes they are a Blessing. If you are married thank the Lord for your husband or wife. If you have a job thank the Lord for that. If you have a place to live give thanks for that. If you have money for gas give thanks. I think that giving thanks for everything even the bad things. If you can give thanks in time of trouble that is even sweeter music to the Lord. He made us to Praise HIm. He loves that. Just remember that all things are possible with the Lord. Have a Blessed day. Oh I give thanks for my family this morning and I say thank you Lord for giving them to me.

  2. I have been feeling very tensed and unhappy due to my personal problems. I was trying to find out some articles or posts which would teach us the definition of happiness.
    I would like to thank you to make me a little bit lighter.

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