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Do You Show Up? June 2, 2008

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This is from the sales coach, Ann Vertel. Although I am not working my MK business now, this really hit home and I felt compelled to share her wisdom here today.

“Showing Up” by Ann Vertel

I’m sure you know people that always seem scattered or harried (maybe you’re even one of them!). They never seem to have it quite together and often look the part.

They may look disheveled, show up late, blame others for their lack of organization, talk constantly about themselves and how difficult their life is, and generally blow in and blow out of your day like a whirlwind of chaos.

It’s exhausting.

Funny thing is, they are very often the people that think they are the most giving, caring, selfless people around. They volunteer to help everyone, they always put others before themselves, they give, give, give and then feel under-appreciated.

They may in fact be amazingly generous people, most are, but it’s hard to receive from someone who is so in need of validation for their effort.

If you’ve heard of the 5 o’clock club you know they are women who get up early, meditate, work out, journal, and generally do whatever they need to do to take care of themselves first. They “get it.” They understand that discipline is the difference between what they want now and what they want most.

They don’t do this because they’re naturally early morning people. They do it so they can be fully present for the people they need to help that day. They do it so they can mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally “show up” – so that they can place 100% of their attention on the other person.

If you think self-care is selfish, you’ve missed the point. You can’t help others if you can’t show up.

Now go have a POWERFUL day!
Warm regards,
Ann Vertel
“Taking You to the Top!”

At times, I do think I am one of those people who attempt to demand respect, especially at work where I do a lot of extra that is often unaccounted for. I am going to work on just working and being happy. After all, my work is not who I am, right?

So do you show up? Or are you one of those who is taking on too much and expecting too much thanks in return?


3 Responses to “Do You Show Up?”

  1. Darla Says:

    I try very hard to show up. As you know there are people in the world who are takers from those who show up and we need to guard ourselves from the wolves.

    And so true! We are NOT our work. More people outta get that clue. πŸ˜‰

  2. I love unitcoach! That is so true. I am working toward the 5 o’clock club. I am more like the stay up til midnight club! LOL One thing is certain, I have changed my attitude lately about how I do things and the time I have. πŸ™‚

  3. colleen Says:

    We have to show up to work everyday so I guess this makes a lot of sense. Ann Vertel has some of the best suggestions for businesswomen that I have seen. I have never seen unitcoach I have to check it out

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