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Too Much Evidence June 1, 2008

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Today I have been thinking about how people who are non-believers typically say they want hard evidence of God and/or Christ. In my opinion, there is TOO MUCH evidence to deny the existence of God.

I began going to church at age 3. “So what” you ask? Well, my mother and father never went to church, nor did they encourage me to go. A bus came to the trailer park where we lived and picked up people for the Baptist church and I declared that I wanted to go. I would get myself up, dress myself in Sunday dress, and ride the bus to church with a neighbor. Now in my opinion, God was leading me to do this. A typical 3 year old does not just up and one day decide to try to find religion!

I became a Christian at age 6 at vacation bible school. Not having a regular church, I would be invited with friends during the summer to attend different VBSs and loved going. I still have a New Testament that I recieved at one of the first ones I attended. My mother (who I lived with after my parents divorced) neither encouraged nor discouraged me from attending church, although she did not go.

I continued to go to different churches with friends throughout school and high school. Once in college, I began to go on my own. At some point, I started to feel like I was going out of obligation instead of out of willingness to grow in my faith. So about 6 years ago, I stopped attending church regularly, but continued to pray and believe.

Once in a while, God would again show up in my life, clear as day. It reminds me of how he led me to that first church bus, as if He was just letting me know He still loved me. One such example happened one day while I was walking on campus at KSU. Hubby had been in Iraq for several months and things were not going well between us. I was feeling so low and depressed and remember feeling like I was all alone in the world that day. Just as I had that thought, tons of yellow, red, and gold leaves from the other side of the street swirled across swiftly towards me. I had a thought that came from no where, “God loves you”. It was a very powerful moment in my life.

I’m now ready to begin attending church regularly again. I feel like I want to be around people who are growing spiritually and just have that fellowship as I grow in my faith.

If you are feeling far from God, perhaps you could just open your heart, eyes, and ears today and look for how He tells you He loves you. You might be surprised at all the evidence of His love.


2 Responses to “Too Much Evidence”

  1. I believe that once you’ve experienced God in your life, you will never really lose Him again. Yes, we may sometimes fall short and veer away from His will but we will always, always come back to Him. It’s just a matter of time – His time.
    I was in the renewal since I was 12 years old. I left when I was 25. At 27, We came into this country and somehow found my way back to Him in 2004. I find myself not as involved as when I was younger but I am sure I’ll get there soon.
    You are 100% on target when you said, “there is TOO MUCH evidence to deny the existence of God”. I believe that, too and it can be found even in the smallest of the small – through a child’s smile, a cool breeze, even through a flower at the side of the road. We just have to slow down and enjoy the ride.
    Great post, Miss3H! God bless!

  2. colleen Says:

    God is the best thing to happen to us since sliced bread (and he made it) I love talking about the Lord and I try to read my bible every other day. It brings me so much peace and serenity.
    Im so glad you started this blog Miss3H

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