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Before Pics May 10, 2008

Filed under: Dieting,Weight Loss — miss3h @ 12:19 am

*sigh* I finally did it. I took the dreaded before pictures in my bikini that I used to wear when I was at my goal weight. I put them on the first page of my newly made fitness journal. Um, yeah…let’s just say it isn’t pretty! Post them? HAHAHAHAHHA…um, no. Not without a kick-butt after to show. You’ll have to wait it out…

However, I am sticking to my plan. I started my exercise routine and have been eating breakfast each day –as well as eating 5 times daily. I also have been drinking lots more water. By September, my “Operation High School Reunion” will be complete. This time I will have to keep it off instead of slacking off. The uphill battle contines, but I’m game. 😉


One Response to “Before Pics”

  1. Darla Says:

    Game on. I’m with ya! 😀

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