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ABCs of Our Trip to Eureka Springs May 7, 2008

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Hubby and I went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to renew our wedding vows. It is coming upon our 5 year anniversary, however, he will be in Iraq (again) so we decided to take this road trip. It was wonderful! Here are the ABCs of all the neat things we did, saw, found, enjoyed, etc on our trip!

A is for ANOTHER WORLD! Eureka Springs is an old, historical town in Victorian style. The streets are windy and steep, narrow…making it feel like you are in a whole different world! We really felt like we were away from it all.

B is for BIKERS! There are two things we noticed: 1. Lots of middle-aged people and 2. Lots of Bikers! On the way home we even ended up behind 3 guys on motorcycles and I felt like I was kind of in on their little trip. My hubby loved when they’d pass another bike and point at each other. I didn’t get it…guess it’s a guy thing!

C is for COSMIC CAVERN! We took a tour of this awesome cave and it was breath-taking! I had tons of fun and it was very educational. I took tons of pics in the cave. Hubby loved the cave, too. On our next trip together we may try to stop at another cave along the way.

D is for DRIVING! It was a looooong drive from Dallas to Eureka….about 400 miles. But we used the time to sing to some CDs (mainly “The best of Creedence Clearwater” and Justin Timberlake…) and just to talk. It was pretty nice.

E is for EVOLUTION! This trip gave me a glimpse into the future of our relationship. We are evolving into what I have always imagined. We are friends, lovers, and more. It is awesome!

F is for FUN! We had so much fun! Enough said.

G is for GHOSTS! We did a ghost tour of the historic Crescent Hotel. You can read more about its eerie history of hauntings here . At first I was skeptical about the presence of ghosts, but after developing some pics, I think I may have to change my mind! Spooky!

H is for HOT TUB! We had a great whirlpool for 2 in our room and we loved it! It was around 40 degrees at night so we opened the patio door and sank in the hot whirling water. It was heaven!


J is for JERKY! When we go on a road trip, we always have to stop by a Love’s Truck Stop and pick up a huge container of Robertson’s Beef Jerky. It is our lil tradition. The jerky is sooo good. A perfect road trip snack.

K is for ??? I got nothing here…. 🙂 Sorry! On to the next!

L is for LOCALS! Funny, a lot of the local men up there were “mountain men” types with huge beards and long hair. It was pretty cute to see all the hippie types up there. 🙂

M is for McDONALDS MAN! LOL … we were driving and we both look over to the truck next to us to see a man attempting to eat about 20 fries at once by holding the container up like a cup and “drinking” the fries. Then about 10 of them were falling all over his shirt and/or sticking half way out of his mouth! It was freakin’ hilarious!! We cracked up for about a mile over that one!

N is for NO MORE STAIRS! It is very hilly in the Ozark region of Arkansas. One street to the next requires going up a huge incline OR climbing 6 flights of stairs! I got quite a work out on this trip, I must say.

O is for OUT OF SHAPE! Yep, see above for how I came to this revelation! LOL! 🙂 Yes, I am so very out of shape. Time to hit the gym.

P is for PRANKSTER! My hubby kept trying to scare everyone on the Ghost Tour by knocking on walls, or turning on water quickly. We were so bored and after we had consumed a bottle of wine with our dinner, it was kinda funny. It bonded us in a weird way. Hee hee.

Q is for QUAINT! Eureka is a very quaint quiet town. Do not go looking for night life here. Night time is time for…. (see R)…..

R is for ROMANCE! Our treehouse that we stayed in was soooo awesome. See what it was like here. We stayed in the New York Treehouse. It was fabulous! Gas fireplace, jacuzzi for 2, romantic movies in the room for us to watch, a porch swing on our private balcony, tons of stars to gaze at, I could go on and on….

S is for SMOKING! Ha ha ha ha…Hubby got me to smoke one half of a cigarette. I had never done so before. What happens in Eureka, stays in Eureka! 🙂

T is for TREEHOUSE! Loved them!!!!!! It was the best part of the trip.

U is for ???? Sorry!

V is for VOWS! Our vow renewal ceremony was so perfect. It was outdoors by a small waterfall. It was performed by a pastor and we even got a lil certificate stating that we renewed our vows. It was so romantic. Hubby teared up a bit and so did I. It was very special.

W is for WATERFALL! It was so cute with a lil bear statue thing in front of it. It was all very peaceful and beautiful.

X is for X-RAY! Hubby should have had his finger looked at. He sprang it the week before we went and could not wear his ring because his finger was swelled to twice its normal size…. 😦

Y is for YOUNG! We got carded everywhere we went…probably because we were about 20 years younger than most folks in Eureka. Gotta love being carded, oh I feel like a spring chicken! Hee hee…. 😀

Z is for ZEN! The whole trip was so serene and peaceful. The only thing I could have asked for was more time to stay there and relax.


4 Responses to “ABCs of Our Trip to Eureka Springs”

  1. Darla Says:

    K is for kanoodle, which is probably why you loved the Hot tub and had so much Fun. Wondering if B will change to a new word soon. LOL

  2. miss3h Says:

    LOL, no way! We had safe “fun” …ahem… *blush*

  3. steph Says:

    i’m so happy for you. i think in your case, absence has made your romance grow fonder and even if the beginning was not all roses and smiles, the future will be brighter. love you.

  4. miss3h Says:

    Hey Steph! Thanks for the comment…didn’t see this til today.

    Love you!

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