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Is Passion a Priority or a Luxury? March 9, 2008

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I am very envious of those who work in jobs that they are passionate about. To me, being able to do so is a luxury that I cannot afford at the moment. But what if, perhaps, it would lead to life long happiness to truly think about what we are passionate about and then pursue that whole-heartedly? Should we begin to pursue our passions? Or should we focus on today’s obligations?

What are you passionate about? Does your work involve your passion or just pay the bills?


One Response to “Is Passion a Priority or a Luxury?”

  1. My day job is just a job. It pays the bills. If the place burned down tomorrow, I might actually do a happy dance.
    I was passionate about dance; yet I was unable to get in with a professional company. After a point, I had to face reality and look for something else.
    Now I’ve found Mary Kay. The timeline is infinite because I don’t have to be a certain age, know certain people, have a certain body type, etc. to be successful with it.
    I think being passionate about one’s career is essential to overall happiness and fulfillment in life. If you stay at a job you are miserable with, then find something outside that you are passionate about–even if it is just a hobby.
    I don’t see any reason not to pursue a career you’re passionate about, but a the same time you gotta be realistic–bills have to be paid. If you have a dream, go for it–don’t give up on your dream! I think what stops a lot of people from pursuing their dreams (dream job) is the extra work involved. It’s a setback to work a regular full time job while trying to get something off the ground on the side, but this is how many self-starters get started. I’m just rambling now. Sorry.
    I’m passionate about working for myself from home and not having a boss to answer to other than me. I’m also passionate about having a non-conventional career. I hate working in an office 8-5 every day. I want flexible hours that I make and I don’t have to ask someone’s permission. The more I think about these freedoms, the more psyched I get about working my MK.

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