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Bath Time February 19, 2008

Filed under: Happiness,Peace — miss3h @ 10:12 pm

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day. I take one almost daily due to the fact that I stand up for up to 12 hours a day. I love to make it super hot to soothe my tired feet. Usually I light a few candles and just relax for about 20 minutes. Occaisionally I add a glass of pinot noir to the mix (to really chill out). Afterward, I watch a girly movie with my slippers on and my doggie sleeping by my feet. Ahhhhh….

When was the last time you pampered yourself? What do you do to relax at the end of a hard day?


5 Responses to “Bath Time”

  1. Hi 3h!
    I must admit I need to pamper myself more…
    I don’t even remember when the last one was. I know, I know, I need to give myself time to relax but I guess it’s much harder than I thought it would be. Maybe, just maybe I can when we go home for a visit this December. Back home, pampering oneself is much much cheaper. I can’t wait!
    I would love to take a long bath from time to time but I just don’t see it happening with kids in the house. Until then, I’m stuck with showers. I do love taking showers!

  2. Aaah…to take a nice relaxing bath would be divine! My last bath was at least a month ago. I need to do it weekly. That would help. Maybe some of my aches and pains would go away.
    Right now my relaxation consists of reading a book and/or drinking a glass of white wine to calm the nerves. I don’t do it daily. If I don’t have wine (which I typcially don’t. I get migraines even from white wine now) I drink a cup of hot tea instead. I love flavored tea. Yum!

  3. sabrina Says:

    I’m not into baths…so what I like to do after a long day at work is sit somewhere comfy, prop up my feet and read. I used to read A LOT when I was younger, so it really feels like a treat when I have time to just immerse myself in a book!

  4. miss3h Says:

    Oooh..hot tea! I love the Tazo brand Passion flavor. It is decaf but fruity. Yum! You can get it at Starbucks or your local grocery store.

  5. I’ve heard Tazo is really good. I really like Yogi Tea. If you go on their website you might be able to get a free sample pack sent to your home. I did that a couple years ago. It’s mostly available in specialty grocery stores and they don’t have a retailer close to me. 😦 I drink the Lipton teas that come in the pyramids instead of the regular tea bags.

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