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Singing Makes Me Happy January 23, 2008

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I’m no Whitney Houston, but hey, singing makes me happy. I like to sing mainly in the car (only alone or with hubby) or when getting ready in the morning. Something about singing causes my worries to fade into the background for a minute or two while I only focus on singing my little heart out.

I decided to look up some links to see if indeed singing has been found to have positive psychological or physical affects or if it is a personal preference of mine.

According to Sixwise.com ,

“Several studies have found that singing also enhances immunity and well-being. One, conducted at the University of Frankfurt in Germany, found that choral members had higher levels of immunoglobulin A and cortisol — markers of enhanced immunity — after they sang Mozart’s “Requiem” than before. Just listening to the music did not have this effect.

In another study, members of a choir filled out questionnaires to report their physical and psychological reactions to singing. The choristers reported:

-Improved lung capacity

-High energy

-Relieved asthma

-Better posture

-Enhanced feelings of relaxation, mood and confidence “

So it seems I am not the only one who feels the positive effects of singing. So even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket (as we say here in Texas), why not sing when no one can hear you to boost your happiness and overall health? It can’t hurt anything…except maybe your ears! Hee hee hee…

Here are some more links and studies about singing’s affect on health and happiness:

“Singing Leads to Better Health”
“The Singing-Health Conclusion”
“Singing For Health”
“How Singing Unlocks the Brain” (aids Alzheimer’s patients)
“Sing Out Sister”

What things do you enjoy that are relaxing or enjoyable that are good for your health and happiness?


12 Responses to “Singing Makes Me Happy”

  1. Aura Mae Says:

    My mother has an interesting theory on singing, happiness and pregnancy.
    When she was pregnant with me, her life was good. She was a young bride with the world in front of her. She says she sang constantly with joy. I have a better than average voice.
    During her second pregnancy, her husband was in Vietnam and she was home alone with a toddler. Between the worry and the work load, she wasn’t feeling happy or joyful. She rarely sang. My brother has a terrible voice.
    She firmly believes these events to be related.

  2. miss3h Says:

    Cool! How did you find my blog, Aura Mae? That is an interesting name,too…is it your name or screen name?

  3. sabrina Says:

    lol…awesome post! And I love your story Aura Mae.

    I love singing even though, as you put it, I’m no Whitney Houston. I have a very irritating commute and singing not only keeps me awake, but when I get home I”m in a better mood than the days I’m not singing.

    If its good for my health, who cares if the people in the cars next to me stare…I’m going to keep on singing!

  4. shadesofpink Says:

    I’m a rock star in my car! LOL I love Aura Mae’s story, too. 🙂

    When I was about two years old, my mom was singing me a lullaby while playing her dulcimer. Apparently, I looked up at her and said, “You’re not very tunish, mummy.” 😆 My mom’s a little tone deaf. 😉

    A couple years ago, I heard about a study they did in England on driving singers. Apparently, drivers who sing in the car are safer than non-singers. Sing along! 😀

  5. Aura Mae Says:

    I found your post trough WordPress Tag Surfer. I watch the “happiness” tag because it is the subject of my book: Get Some Hairapy – a hairdresser’s prescription for happiness.
    Aura Mae really is my name. I used to have a couple of different last names that some guys gave me (father & husband) and when it was time to change my name in an ugly divorce, I just dropped the last name all together. I figured with a name like Aura Mae, a last name is superfluous!

  6. Angie Says:

    I sing in the shower, in the car, whenever I can. Sure have to do it in private cuz I just can’t carry a tune. it’s so bad, at meeting they would say hurry before angie sings.. LOL! But if I could would love to sound like Whitney.
    Loved Aura Maes comment about singing too!:)

  7. I love this new site of yours, miss3H!
    I grew up hiding when I sing. I had no self-esteem and my siblings never heard me sing.
    Now that I have kids and I want them to be confident enough to sing anytime and anywhere they want, I try to force myself to sing… 😉
    Singing makes me feel happy and it lightens the stress that I get from work and home.
    Nice post!

  8. miss3h Says:

    Hi, Crystal…nice to virtually “see” you here!


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  10. sandrar Says:

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