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My Calorie Counter January 12, 2008

Filed under: Cool Links,Dieting,Health Sites — miss3h @ 2:20 am

Check out this site for an easy calorie counter online! It is free and pretty simple to use. You put in your goal weight, your current measurements/weight, and it tells you how much to eat to lose, gain (perish the thought!), or maintain your weight…then you can track your calories throughout the day to ensure you are on track. After a week or two you start to just know what you can eat, but I still do the daily counter to keep me motivated. I HATE seeing I am in the RED on my calories! It also helps you make sure you don’t eat too LITTLE. If you eat too few calories, your body thinks you are starving and begins to convert all calories to fat storage to live off on as it does in dire survival situations. Hmmm, looks like that Nutrition 101 class paid off! You too can be a nutrition know-it-all (ok, ok…not ALL) for $1000 or 3 easy payments of $333!!!!! LOL! 🙂 But I digress…in a nutshell, moderation is the key to dieting success.

Counting calories sucks, but it must be done. It is the paper work to your diet…at least until you begin to know about how much to eat without having to count. Check it out at My-Calorie-Counter.com


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